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C I N D Y   L E M M O N




The foundation of my art is profoundly impacted by feelings of loss, love, suffering, shame and romanticism, giving a deeper insight into the stories my pieces tell. My outlook is shaped by personal perspectives on issues like conflict, identity suppression, religious misgivings, racial oppression and ecological and social issues, as well other matters that bring me joy. When creating my work, I am intentional about ensuring that the process itself, and not just the final result, contains an emotional and visual richness to accurately communicate my vision. I usually paint on large scale paper or canvas surfaces, the scale of my work allows me to be fully involved in the energy of the piece. My materials consist of watercolor, ink, pigment and acrylic. Recently, I have begun to digitally manipulate photos of my existing or in-progress work to create entirely new pieces that retain my unique style

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