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Lover and Fighters_edited_edited.jpg

Lovers and Fighters
8' x 10'
mix media onpaper




The awareness of loss, love, suffering, religious anxieties, dark romanticism, along with travel and controversial issues strongly influence the content Cindy Lemmon's work. These elements also give insight into the subject matter of most of her pieces.

Lemmon is determined to paint in a way that mirrors her beliefs and reflects on how she sees the world in a unique way. Her work suggests a more complex meaning and emotion, the connection and disconnection that exists between humans and the natural world.

Cindy tends to make work that is to be felt, so every image and element that goes into her process is considered for its emotional and tactile potential

In terms of Cindy’s process, her paintings are primarily  large scale,  mixed media, on paper. Lemmon uses watercolor, ink, acrylic and soft pastels. Transparent layers are built up and partially taken down to reveal new directions that are refined to create paintings with rich textures and beautiful compositions with expressions of her own truth.

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